Google releases new wallpapers for McLaren F1 fans

Welcome to Miami. For Google, it’s the home premiere of its first sponsorship in Formula 1. The company is releasing new wallpapers for this. You already learned from us at the beginning of the still-young season that Google is sponsoring the current McLaren F1 car with Android and Google Chrome. The sponsorship came as a surprise at the start of the season, because there was nothing to be seen of it in the training sessions before the season.

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McLaren after OnePlus now in a partnership with Google

Google is now releasing a couple of new wallpapers with the two McLaren F1 drivers for the Miami GP. Google has provided the wallpapers in portrait format and thus appeals more to smartphone users. You can download the wallpapers directly from Android’s Twitter account. There are three pieces that actually only stand out marginally. differ in color from one another.

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