A glitch in Microsoft’s Xbox cloud service leaves some players unable to launch and buy digital games

Problems with the Xbox have prevented some players from launching cloud gaming, and store purchases have continued to fail. According to Xbox’s status page, the glitch started around 4 a.m. ET and the company is currently working on a fix.

“We are aware that some users are unable to purchase and launch games or start cloud gaming sessions,” Xbox Support said in a tweet. “Our team is investigating. Please keep an eye out for updates here and on our status page. http://Xbox.com/status.”

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The latest spate of problems comes after massive outages on Friday night and Saturday morning. Some players were unable to launch cloud gaming sessions, launch digital games, initiate purchases, or even access third-party streaming apps, including Netflix and Disney Plus.

While Xbox subsequently seemed to fix those issues, it didn’t take a day for it to look like problems with its store, digital games, and cloud gaming had started to resurface. There’s now an easy way to temporarily bypass the issue pending an official online fix, and if you’re affected by an outage, you should still be able to play offline when trying to set up your Xbox as your “home” console. Xbox Support also says that restarting your Xbox console may help.

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