Epic adds filters to categorize game libraries

The functions of the Epic Store are slowly being implemented, and the evolution of the Epic Games Store is much slower than we expected. Epic no longer advertises every new feature that’s added, but Epic Store users will of course be aware of every feature update. The latest update has gone live, including adding another fundamental feature to the Epic Games Store – the game library filter.

Before, if you heard that the Epic store didn’t have a way to categorize players’ game libraries, you might not have believed your ears, but it’s true. Epic users can only be sorted alphabetically or by a most recent playtime. The new Epic Store update improves the situation considerably.

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A “Filter” section has been added to the Epic game library, where players can use a variety of options to sort through the growing list of games. This includes type, function, type, and platform. There are as many sub-options as possible under each sub-menu. For example, the “Type” menu has nearly 30 sub-options, including comedy, puzzle, card, survival, etc. Additional menus can help Epic users find co-op games, VR games, game editors, or Mac games.

While filters may not be an experience-changing feature, the importance of functionality cannot be underestimated. Many Epic users now own dozens or even hundreds of games, thanks to Epic’s free-to-play game service. It’s easy to imagine that if we forgot the name of a game, we would look for it in hundreds of games. That’s enough to make people not want to use Epic.

Epic will continue to push forward with some additional features planned for release in the near future. User profiles are probably the most important new features, but others including game ratings, voting, and a notification system are also listed as “Up Next.” These features may appear slowly, but Epic users can trust that they will eventually.

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