Lack of cores forces BMW to suspend Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Chip shortages are continuing to threaten car production in 2022, with Automotive News Europe reporting that BMW is delivering new cars without Apple CarPlay and Android Auto after switching suppliers of chips to keep production going, but with imperfect functionality.

BMW will reportedly release an OTA update by the end of June, at which point customers will be able to install the aforementioned software. But BMW did not disclose the number of affected vehicles, or where the affected vehicles were sold.

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For BMW, it is not the first time that the lack of chips has caused its reduction in distribution. In November last year, the shortage of chips forced BMW’s 3 Series, 4 Series, Z4 and other new models to lack the touch screen function.

In addition, BMW’s Mini also said recently that the company will stop offering manual models in order to simplify its product line in response to ongoing semiconductor shortages and supply chain issues.

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