Mi 12S Pro: The processor is replaced by the Dimensity 9000

Although major manufacturers have launched a lot of mobile phones in the first half of the year, many of which are flagship products, according to the shipment/sales statistics given by the three-party agencies, it seems that the performance is not very satisfactory.

This should mean that there will be iterative models taking over in the second half of the year, stimulating consumers to buy by improving appearance, configuration, photography, features, software, etc. What’s more, for the Android camp, the iPhone 14 series that has undergone a lot of upgrades and changes will be fiercely killed in the fall.

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A few days ago, after digging, xiaomiui was surprised to find that the model number 2207122MC (L2M), which is suspected to correspond to the new Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro, is actually equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor.

Even, the report also interestingly explained that Xiaomi Mi 12S is L2, is the M after “L2M” the abbreviation of MediaTek (MediaTek)?

The codebase shows that L2M has the “damuier” development code, and the corresponding processor platform is Dimensity 9000. It has been previously reported that the Dimensity 9000 is also developing a higher-frequency performance version (Dimensity 9000 MAX?), perhaps this has won the favor of Xiaomi.

Of course, the previously exposed 2206123SC (L3S) version of Xiaomi 12S (codenamed “Listening”) and 2206122SC (L2S) version of Xiaomi 12S Pro (codenamed “Unicorn”), the letter “S” may be the generation of Snapdragon (Snapdragon) It refers to TSMC’s 4nm version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Plus.

In this way, at least the Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro has planned a dual-processor version, and whether it will be launched simultaneously (expected in mid-to-late August) is convenient for consumers to choose by themselves, we will wait and see.

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