Google explains delays in the Android beta program for the Pixel phones

Google Pixel users can test new Android versions in advance. But now there are delays, which the Google developers explain. The May update for Android 12 has just been released. This puts the regular Android 12 ahead of the beta program and that causes small problems. Android 12 QPR3 Beta and Android 13 Beta are currently still running with an older security level.

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Google Pixel: The security layer poses a hurdle for beta updates

So if you’re traveling with Android 12 May 2022, you can’t install the Android 13 Beta April 2022. Although the Android version is newer, the security level is a month too old. And it’s not that easy to replace a newer version with an older one. Google will solve the problem very soon with Android 12 QPR3 Beta 3 and Android 13 Beta 2, with the latest Beta 3 for Android 12 QPR3 already out.

If you are using Android 12 May 2022, you can register for the Android 13 beta with your Google Pixel, but you will have to wait for the next release. Until then, the update will not arrive on your device, for the reasons just mentioned. Google might have to come up with another solution for the future, how to keep the beta up to date in a timely manner.

Android 13 Beta 2 is coming soon

Google says that the Android 13 Beta 2 should also appear very soon. Unfortunately, the company does not give an exact date. The first beta came out on April 26th, with the second beta coming out about a month later. You will therefore have to be patient if you have already installed the May patch for Android 12 and now want to switch to the Android 13 beta.

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