OnePlus Ace Racing Edition: The use of frosted plastic back shell, has been online before

Today 91mobiles exclusively broke the real picture of a OnePlus phone and called it OnePlus Ace Racing Edition. Judging from the exposed pictures, this phone is very similar to a new phone model PGZ110 recently launched by OnePlus. The back cover of this new phone is made of frosted plastic material, and the rear camera is similar to three cameras plus a bright silver.

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Because of the decoration of the camera, it says 64MP, which means that the mysterious new machine has at least one camera of 64MP. The back cover of the device is generally gray, and the prominent layout of the camera module is similar to that of the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Generally speaking, the special edition of a certain mobile phone will keep the design of the original model, and only change the appearance of the original model, the system theme, etc., and some models will also add some special accessories in the box. However, the camera layout of this machine, which 91mobiles calls the OnePlus Ace racing version, is completely different from the original OnePlus Ace machine, but closer to the OnePlus 10 Pro.

The TENAA access information shows that the machine is equipped with a 6.59-inch LCD screen, rated at a 4890mAh battery, weighs 205g, and has two colors blue and gray. The machine is equipped with an 8-core 2.85GHz CPU, which may be the MediaTek Dimensity 8100. In addition, the machine has a rear 6400+800+2MP lens, a front 16MP lens, 8GB, 12GB memory and 128GB, 256GB storage. According to the revelations from digital blogger @Digital Chat Station, this new phone will be released this month (May).

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