Google officially launches Android Studio 2021.2.1 stable version

After a period of preview, the version number of the Android Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has finally officially arrived at 2021.2.1. It is reported that Google has already introduced us to the “Bumblebee” (Bumblebee) and “Arctic Fox” (Arctic Fox) before the latest stable version code-named “Chipmunk” (Chipmunk). Apparently, the Android Studio development team likes to sort by animal names.

Although Android Studio Chipmunk has updated a major version of IntelliJ, as a relatively small feature update, the main work revolves around more than 175 quality bug fixes. In addition, the stable version of Android Studio 2021.2.1 means that the earlier Compose Animation Preview is officially enabled.

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Developers can inspect and debug Android Jetpack Compose animations with different controls for pause, loop, fast-forward, slow-play, and more. Currently this feature only supports AnimatedVisibility and updateTransition, but over time Android Studio will be able to handle more animation types.

In addition, the updated CPU Profiler has been able to display more information about the freeze, but only if used with Android 12 / API Level 31 and higher. There is also a Jetifier check in the Build Analyzer that prompts the developer if the Jetifier flag can be removed to improve performance. Knowing that in some cases this can help save 5-10% of build time.

By the way, IntelliJ 2021.2 that ships with Android Studio Chipmunk has many new features, including enhancements to IDE operations, a better UI for package search, project-wide analysis, and more.

Interested friends can go to the official website of Android Developer to download and experience Android Studio 2021.2.1.

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