PlayStation 5 with update: Sony is now distributing version 5.1

After the very large update to version 5.0, Sony promptly submitted version 5.02. With the last version, VRR support finally came shortly afterward.

Version 22.01- is now being distributed for the PlayStation 5, but version 5.1 does not bring any innovations. As so often, Sony says that this “system software update improves system performance” – nothing more.

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That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any innovations under the hood, but considering the big update and the VRR support, I would rather guess that it’s a pure bug fix update. Version 5.03 would have been enough as a designation.

Speaking of PlayStation 5: Although the new sales figures were released this week, it’s surprisingly quiet at the moment. It’s about time for a little keynote again. Maybe Sony hasn’t planned any blockbusters for summer.

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