Shortly before the end? Google is hiding Stadia in the Google Store

After the sale, Stadia is almost over, at least as far as the offer in the Google Store is concerned. Now some will throw up their hands and ask themselves what I actually drank. But the signs continue to point clearly in a direction that Stadia fans just can’t please. Now the Stadia products in the Google Store take a backseat even further.

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Although only a few months ago a new package of Stadia controller and Chromecast was put together with Google TV. Presumably, the sales figures are just as bad as the previous package with the Chromecast Ultra. As I suspected, Google actually only made room in its own warehouses with its 22 euro sale in December and sold off the written-off goods cheaply. What used to be on Google shelves can now be found cheaply on eBay.

Google Store before and after

Stadia is taking a backseat more and more

Instead of offering gaming products, there is a new highlight in the Google Store with headphones. And that is certainly still an interesting growth market for Google. Stadia can now only be found in the Google Store via detours. To do this, the user must go to the smart home tab. There we still find the gaming area and in it the Stadia hardware. In any case, Google no longer bothers to advertise the Stadia hardware and software conspicuously.

Highlight products are different. Stadia was an attempt that failed. Or at least Stadia couldn’t scale to make the product worthwhile for end customers. Only Stadia technology has a bigger future . It’s kind of a shame, the concept actually has potential.

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