ColorOS 12 Public Beta Recruitment for OPPO A36

According to the latest report, ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 Public Beta Recruitment open for OPPO A36. The recruitment time is from May 13th to May 16th. The application will be reviewed within 5 working days after the appointment application, and the version will be pushed within 3 working days after the review. OPPO A36 users need to ensure that the phone version has been upgraded to the basic version A.06 (version number viewing method: Settings > About phone > Version information > Version number).

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It should be noted that OPPO said that the upgraded public beta version is still in the development stage, and its operation effect is not as stable as the official version, and the version may have some bugs, abnormal power consumption and other problems. If users pursue long-term stable use of mobile phones, they need to register carefully.

In addition, OPPO pointed out that within two days after the upgrade, a series of adaptation and optimization actions will be performed in the background of the system, which may cause the phone to heat up, freeze, and consume power quickly. It is recommended that users restart the phone after the screen is off and charge for 2 hours after the upgrade, or it will recover by itself after a period of normal use.

Users who apply for the public beta can click the “Settings > Software Update > Settings button in the upper right corner > Upgrade early adopters > Upgrade public beta” on the mobile phone, and then apply according to the prompts.

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