PS5 fighting game has latency issues, Epic says it’s working with Sony to fix it

Recently, many players have complained about input lag problems when playing Unreal Engine fighting games on the PS5 platform. In response, Epic Games said it is currently working with Sony to find a solution for these fighting games.

A few months ago, players discovered that some fighting games developed with Unreal Engines, such as Guilty Gear and The King of Fighters XV, had input lag issues on PS5 compared to other platforms.

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Fighting games usually have high input latency requirements, and when players on two different platforms have different input latency, the game will become unfair. Players have noticed that fighting games developed with Unreal Engine have higher input lag on PS5 than on any other platform.

Guilty Gear supports cross-play between PS4 and PS5, however input lag differs between the two platforms, which can affect the balance of the game. Epic didn’t say how long it will take to fix the issue, especially since it doesn’t seem to be clear where the problem is.

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