OnePlus Ace Racing Edition released today equipped with Dimensity 8100-MAX custom processor

At 19:00 tonight, the new member of the OnePlus Ace series, the OnePlus Ace racing version, will be officially released. The only mobile phone that uses the Dimensity 8100-MAX. According to the official introduction, the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition will bring an experience that surpasses its peers in terms of heat dissipation performance, antenna design, vibration motor and battery life.

Li Jie, president of OnePlus China, said, “The OnePlus Ace racing version will be the most powerful real fragrance machine in the 2000 price segment.”

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The Dimensity 8100-MAX not only fully possesses all the features of the Dimensity 8100 “Shen U”, but also brings significant improvements in three aspects, including game frame rate stability, AI computing power, and night scene video noise reduction.

Combining the official warm-up and revelations, the new phone will use a 6.59-inch FHD+ resolution LCD screen, support 120Hz high refresh rate, up to 12GB of memory, 256GB of storage, a battery capacity of 5000mAh, a rear 64MP AI triple camera, and a front 16-megapixel lens.

It is worth mentioning that the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition will also be equipped with an “extremely advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack, which is very friendly to mobile game players who like to play “Peace Elite” and other FPS games, so there is no need to worry about the delay of Bluetooth headsets.

The official warm-up poster shows that the headphone hole of the OnePlus Ace Racing Edition is located on the left side of the bottom, with the Type-C interface as the axis and symmetrically arranged with the speaker hole.

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