The new Google system update brings stronger Family Link control, is there a Pixel Launcher Kids coming?

Google offers a number of ways for parents to control their children’s smartphone or tablet usage, set their own limits, and do some privacy monitoring. The recent Google System Update adds a new option that makes it even more difficult for children to manipulate these limits. An unmodifiable launcher can be specified, which could be a special variant.

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With Google Family Link, parents have powerful tools to allow their children to use the devices extensively on both Android and Chrome OS, but still set time and functional limits. A Google system update has now been announced that has an additional option in its luggage that still leaves a few questions marks unanswered. Parents should have the ability to set a permanent and unmodifiable launcher, which could provide more options.

[Phone] Ability for parents to set a persistent launcher on devices supervised with Family Link using local parental controls.

Because there is no more than this short description, the exact scope of the function is not entirely clear. Is it possible to specify any launcher or does this apply to a special children’s launcher offered by Google? After all, they have a range of children’s products in their portfolio and a kind of “Pixel Launcher Kids” might not be bad at all. One could understand that the launcher itself can be partially configured via Family Link. If that’s the case, it would only be possible with a Google launcher.

Perhaps an announcement in this direction will follow in the next few days. Now the course is being set to make it possible at all and then to follow up soon with the possible new app.

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