Google Pixel Watch will definitely come with cellular (LTE)

In the run-up to the first announcement, mobile communications had already been indicated for the Google Pixel Watch. In the meantime, there is a certainty, even that the Wear OS smartwatch will not be released until autumn. Google had already mentioned in a short presentation at the I/O that the Google Pixel Watch can use various functions for which no connection to the user’s Android smartphone is required.

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However, this could also simply mean the integrated WLAN module. In addition, there is still no real datasheet for the Google Pixel Watch, on which the planned features are clearly listed. In an interview with Cnet, however, the former Fitbit founder and now Google project manager revealed that the Google Pixel Watch will definitely come in a version with LTE.

“I think the way everything works together really depends on price and feature set. I see Pixel Watch as something for users who want LTE and all the advanced health and fitness features, but there will always be people for whom some of these things aren’t necessarily important.”

Google Pixel Watch will not disappoint those who sometimes go out without a smartphone

In my opinion, it is even conceivable that the Google Pixel Watch will only be available with LTE. Then the targeted price of 300 euros would even be cheap. If the base is without LTE, interested customers could certainly expect a price of almost 400 euros for the model with mobile communications.

But everything else is only speculative at this point. One thing is certain: Wear OS independent of the smartphone will be possible with the Google Pixel Watch. Does your smartwatch have to be directly connected to LTE or mobile communications, or is the connection to your smartphone sufficient?

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