Where is the new Wear OS 4?

A year after the major update to Wear OS 3 and the announcement of a close partnership with Samsung, the next major update for Wear OS this time has not materialized. That’s kind of unusual in a lot of ways. Considering that the main Android release gets a major version update every year and Google devices get new Pixel Feature Drops quarterly.

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Wear OS 3: Lots of new things about the platform

Wear OS is getting a major update this year, but not with a version leap that users can see. It’s not even clear if the underlying Android version will be renewed in the near future. It is currently still running Android 11. Wear OS 3 is the state of the art and has been for a year now. Let’s see what summer and the Google Pixel Watch presentation bring in the fall.

There were various announcements about the smartwatch platform. Google itself launches new apps such as Google Home, expands and improves existing apps, and expands the partner network.

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