Apple Watch gets new Pride bracelets

As expected, Apple today donated two new bracelets to the Apple Watch dedicated to Pride Month (starting in June). This year, the focus is on the Sport Loop, there is a normal Pride version and another Nike version.

The light band is a bit more eye-catching, the dark band for Nike a bit more discreet, and both versions are available from today for 49 euros each. The tapes are available exclusively and only at Apple, you usually do not get them at other retailers.

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The braided Solo Loop in the Pride Edition continues to promote Apple, I also have the impression that it sells quite well and you see it often. Old models are often deleted, but this year there are three Pride bands.

Matching the new straps, there is also a Pride dial for 2022, which you can now find in your Watch app. You can see this in the pictures of the tapes and the Nike version gets an exclusive Pride dial.

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