Samsung could abandon Exynos chips for Galaxy S23 and S24

An indiscretion last week suggests that Samsung is reportedly working on an exclusive chipset to be used in its flagship smartphones for 2025. Today a Korean source adds more speculation about the affair.

Korean publication Naver reports that Samsung will engage a thousand employees in July with the goal of marketing a chipset for Galaxy smartphones by 2025, with the ambition to overtake Apple Silicon.

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Samsung would use an in-house chipset from 2025

The source claims that no internally produced processors will be used for the flagship smartphones that will be launched in 2023 and 2024.

The next two generations of Samsung flagships would therefore adopt only Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, while the company would prepare its chipset for 2025.

The EU has now remained the only major region to receive Samsung Exynos chipsets, however, it is unclear how this alleged Galaxy-only chipset coming in 2025 would differ from the current Flagship Exynos processors.

It would also be a bold move, as Samsung would not be able to use Exynos SoCs in some of its models in the event of a chip shortage or as an alternative to Qualcomm’s platform.

Finally, to achieve the goal of surpassing Apple Silicon, the South Korean giant will apparently have to make drastic progress across the board.

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