Xiaomi Band 7 official: still a missed revolution?

Every year the arrival of a new version of the smartband of Lei Jun’s house is a real party: hopefully in news and additions and all the Mi Fans gather to know all the features of the most appreciated fitness tracker in the world. And also this year the time has come: here is the new Xiaomi Band 7 in all its splendor, fresh from the launch at home!

The latest incarnation of Xiaomi’s smartband continues the trend launched with the second chapter: we have a capsule design (the body weighs only 13 grams), with a large display positioned on the front. What changes compared to the previous Band 6?

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Same design and style, but the panel rise to 1.62″ with 490 x 192-pixel resolution and 326 PPI. It is an AMOLED screen with a larger surface area than the predecessor: therefore more details to display and new watch faces designed specifically for the occasion. And this time there is also the Always-On Display.

The novelties also continue with regard to the interior. We have support for over 100 sports modes, continuous monitoring H24 of both cardiac activity and SpO2 (blood oxygen) levels. The Xiaomi Band 7 is also great for swimming, given the presence of waterproofing up to 5 ATM (50 meters).

You can also interact with the fitness tracker via voice commands: there is a microphone and support for the XiaoAI smart assistant. Great absent also this year the integrated GPS: even at this turn, a small revolution missed.

However, there is a novelty for sports lovers: the smartband becomes a “small” Personal Trainer with support for EPOC (Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption) parameters, useful for maximizing efforts and improving performance.

In addition to the Xiaomi Band 7 there is – as usual – also the version with NFC support for payments: the sale price starts from 239 yuan (in launch offer), about € 33 at the current exchange rate.

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