Microsoft: Xbox cloud gaming now has more than 10 million players

Although Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Xbox Cloud Gaming) are very successful, Microsoft usually does not announce performance in this regard. However, at Build, Microsoft’s annual developer conference just passed, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that more than 10 million people are now playing Xbox cloud games.

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Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming, formerly known as xCloud, is launching to the public in late 2020 after a long public beta. Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Hundreds of games can be streamed through the cloud as part of Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft even upgraded the backend last year to have cloud gaming powered by the Xbox Series X console.

Cloud gaming is still largely in its infancy, with more than 10 million players in 26 countries, showing how well this Microsoft product, formerly known as xCloud, is doing. Nvidia has previously revealed that in its first year, GeForce Now players have accumulated more than 175 million hours of gameplay.

Last September, Nvidia updated the statistic, saying more than 12 million gamers use the service in 70 countries. It is worth mentioning that Google has not announced the number of users of its cloud gaming service Stadia.

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