Google Docs formatting update supports selecting multiple non-consecutive segments

Google Docs is getting a long-awaited feature improvement — when it comes time to properly format a document, users will be able to select multiple paragraphs of text at once, without the hassle of repeating them before. For example, if you want to adjust headings on two disjointed paragraphs, or apply the same effect to three different words in a paragraph, you can now combine them by selecting all targets at once.

For normal documents, the default formatting may be sufficient. But when it’s a little more complicated, the actual work on Google Docs isn’t that easy. The good news is that whether you’re using a Mac or Windows PC, you can select different text fields by pressing the Command or Ctrl key, then let go and click any formatting tool on the toolbar.

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In addition to formatting, multi-selection can be used for other purposes – such as when you need to cut and move several paragraphs or add comments related to multiple paragraphs. Of course, this new Google Docs feature isn’t everything. If you’re trying to change every heading in the document, it’s best to just change the style, rather than trying to manually select each one.

For reference, you can format one of the headers the way you want, then go to the styles section, select Header Level, and click “Update [style] to match.” Finally, Google said in the announcement that this feature will be gradually rolled out to every Google Docs user over the next 15 days.

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