God of War, TV series: Dave Bautista in the role of Kratos? The actor comments on the idea

Now that the God of War TV series has been confirmed by Sony PlayStation, the inevitable toto-actors obviously start to think about who could best interpret the role of Kratos and among these a rather quoted candidate is Dave Bautista, who does not He certainly pulled back, judging by his comment on the matter.

Recently, Sony officially announced the Horizon and God of War TV series as well as what should be a Gran Turismo film, in a notable expansion of PlayStation intellectual properties into new areas of entertainment, including TV shows and motion pictures. The God of War TV series is expected to be produced in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video and will be a live-action adaptation, that is, with real actors.

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Precisely this aspect is particularly curious because Kratos’ charisma will have to be perfectly reconstructed in the TV series for the project to work. For this reason, it takes a suitable actor: Comicbook launched the idea of ​​Dave Bautista in a short video posted on Instagram, and the actor ex-wrestler has responded in person by making it clear that he agrees.

The site had asked “Who else can Kratos be but Dave Bautista”, and the actor replied, ironically, “According to popular opinion, I would say anyone else”, referring to the numerous ideas that emerged in the comments on Instagram. But he then added “Hey! I love proving everyone wrong . #Justsayin”, as if to show that he would be thrilled to take the challenge.

Bautista was also particularly keen to play Marcus Fenix ​​in the Gears of War movie (a character who is actually quite modeled on his likeness), but there is no news yet. In the meantime, he has nonetheless become a playable character in Gears 5.

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