YouTube Music, a breath of fresh air for settings

After introducing some new features about a month ago and just before a new graphic interface dedicated to tablets, YouTube Music gets a small change to the layout of the settings on Android.

Now on Android tablets and Chromebooks, when the Account menu is opened, a pop-up appears that partially overlaps the main navigation screen. Going into the settings, you can see how these get a two-column interface, a classic prerogative of other applications in the tablet version such as Google Search, Gmail and YouTube just to give some examples.

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The macro-categories, grouped by theme ( General, Playback, Data saving, Download and storage, Notifications, Privacy and location, Tips, Paid subscriptions and About YouTube Music), on which it is possible to act, are displayed on the left, while in the right are the controls on which you can apply your preferences.

The new interface is certainly more comfortable on large screens, allowing the user to keep an eye on the main categories by untangling the settings controls, which is currently not the case in the version dedicated to smartphones.

Despite this, considering that on iPad and iPhone YouTube Music offers a similar interface, although, with some differences inherent in the grouping of categories, it cannot be excluded that in the future a similar interface may also arrive in the version of the app dedicated to Android smartphones.

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