Is Diablo Immortal coming to consoles? Blizzard official reply

Diablo: Immortal was a pure mobile game when it was first announced, but this year Blizzard announced that it would also land on the PC, and it also made some functions for the PC version and supports handle control, which is a simple transplant. a moment. So why not just port it to the host platform? Recently Blizzard head Rod Fergusson answered this question in an interview, let’s take a look.

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Rod Fergusson emphasized: Supporting a controller and supporting a console are two very different things. Although “Dark Immortal” can be played with a controller, it does not mean that it can be easily ported to PS, Xbox or NS consoles. . Regarding the console version, they don’t have any news to disclose at the moment.

Game director Joe Grubb also said that during the beta test of “Dark Immortal”, many players reported that they wanted to play with a controller, so they finally added this option. At present, “Diablo: Immortal” is not expected to land on the console platform in the short term. The game will be tested overseas on June 2, and the national server will be launched on June 23.

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