Blood Bowl 3: Announced the start of the third beta phase

The third beta phase of Blood Bowl 3 has been announced, which will last until June 12 and will offer two new formations: the Forsaken of Chaos and the Old World Alliance. In addition, there will be a new feature, which will make the first appearance in the series: the gameplay and the terrain that affects the gameplay. Let’s read how the developers present it:

Hardened cheaters, troublemakers, and real dangers, the teams of the Renegades of Chaos bring together all the outcasts that no sensible coach would train. Orcs, Skavens, Dark Elves and even Trolls, Ogres, or Minotaurs play alongside the most ferocious Humans. If diversity gives this faction a physical (certainly not aesthetic) advantage, its teams often prove incapable of playing together.

In terms of diversity, the Old World Alliance teams have nothing to envy of the Renegades of Chaos. In the bars of the gigantic old-world cities, fellow drinkers gathered in teams. They combine the raw strength of the Ogres and Tremen, the agility of the Halflings, the stubbornness of the Dwarves, and the skill of the Humans to make the most of each other’s talents.

The Land of the Chosen of Chaos is an ode to desolation: a stone floor where grass does not grow, giant carved skulls and bleachers separated by a pit where the losers are thrown. The field becomes an open-air torture chamber if one of the players sheds his blood on it: the pits are filled with molten lava and the players, assailed by the heat, at best will have difficulty moving, at worst they will suffer from insolation and will have to stay on the sidelines.

Another of the pitches presented is dedicated to one of the gods of chaos: Nurgle. Already unreassuring, this putrid garden awakens when a player dies during an action. As soon as this happens, carnivorous plants and a multitude of worms appear and begin to swarm, hindering the running and taking of the ball of the fastest players.

The last playing field presented is that of the Dark Elves. Built on water and similar to the deck of a ship, this field suggests that the beings found there are more like sailors than players. With the first touchdown and the roar of the crowd, this strange water trip turns into a nightmare, with the awakening of a sprawling monster. The platform becomes unstable and it will be more difficult for the knocked out players to regain consciousness. Finally, moving too fast could attract the attention of the monster, who would not hesitate to attack you!

We also see a video with all the updates on the development side:

Blood Bowl 3 is in development for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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