Diablo Immortal: Battle Pass Guide, How to unlock it and get free rewards

Like almost all free-to-play games, Diablo Immortal also offers players a progression system based on the Battle Pass, which allows them to access a substantial series of rewards.

The Blizzard free game pass follows the same rules as all other passes: for a limited period of time, players can climb the levels and obtain items belonging to two different bands, one premium and one free. Those who decide not to purchase the pass can limit themselves to obtaining the free rewards, while those who proceed with the purchase of the pass can receive both free and premium items.

How to unlock the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass

Unlike what happens in other free games, in Diablo Immortal the pass is not available immediately and a simple requirement must be met to unlock access. In fact, just create a character and complete the first half-hour of the game, which will take you to the area on ​​the map called “Landafosca Cemetery”. It will be right here that you will be allowed to access the pass screen and start climbing its levels.

How to get premium pass rewards

Unless you decide to settle for the free rewards of the pass, the only way to receive the premium ones in Diablo Immortal is to proceed with the purchase of one of the two paid versions of Season 1.

Here are the two versions of the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass:

  • Enhanced Battle Pass – Price: 4.99 euros
  • Enhanced Collectible Battle Pass – Price: 14.99 euros

The former simply unlocks the premium path of rewards, while the latter also contains a ticket to skip the first 14 levels, an exclusive frame for the profile and skin to alter the appearance of the portals. In both cases, you will receive the Shadowland Ghost Weapon at level 1 and Shadowland Ghost Armor at level 100.

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