Steam’s largest promotion in the first half of the year is coming around the 23rd

Recently, the tipster theemork released news on social media, saying that Steam’s largest promotion in the first half of the year: the summer promotion is likely to open around June 23, and it’s time to prepare your wallet. It is reported that the big promotion will be held on June 23 and will last for two weeks as in previous years, and will officially end on July 7.

At present, the participating manufacturers and promotion amount of this big promotion is still unclear, but from the big promotion being held by Epic and the Steam summer promotion last year, it is still possible to speculate on the scale of the big promotion.

First of all, similar to the summer promotion and winter promotion in recent years, this summer promotion is likely to continue to use the method of mini-game guidance to attract users to participate in the promotion through interactive games.

In terms of game lineup, most second and third-tier manufacturers will not give up this opportunity to sell their games. Players who like niche games can expect discounts on games they are concerned about.

For larger-scale 3A games, European and American manufacturers will basically offer historically low prices in the summer promotion, and some old games may also have new historically low prices.

In terms of Japanese manufacturers, Capcom, Sony, etc. should also give considerable discounts; however, more “traditional” manufacturers such as SE and Glory will also discount during the promotion period, but most of them are a It looks like there won’t be a big deal.

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