Volvo: Apple CarPlay despite Android Automotive OS

If you treat yourself to a Volvo with Android Automotive OS, you cannot use Apple’s CarPlay offer in it. What should change? Volvo was one of the first automakers to respond to Apple’s recent CarPlay announcements.

Volvo has been a partner from the very beginning and will again offer solutions for Apple users in the future. This is strange because in the future all vehicles will be based on Android Automotive OS from and with Google.

However, Volvo seemed enthusiastic about the new CarPlay concept. The new version of the software running on the connected iPhone will also handle vehicle functions such as air conditioning, speedometer and much more.

That seems to have convinced Volvo and 13 other OEMs. Although the Swedes rely on Android Automotive OS and will do so in all of their own vehicles in the future.

Google for Android Auto in a tight spot

I’m excited to see how this topic develops. On the one hand, how Volvo combines both competing platforms if the software basis of its own cars is one of them. But also, Google is now planning for the Android Auto smartphone app. Access to the vehicle functions, in particular, is only possible via Android Automotive, but not via Android Auto on the phone.

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