Google’s phone app is more powerful than you think

Google has a phone app for its own Pixel phones and it has a lot of powerful functions on the box. We also have plenty of them in Germany. But that’s not even all the features the phone app can actually have. Unfortunately, you have to live in the USA for the full range of functions. We’ll tell you what’s going on with us and what we can look forward to.

Caller ID: Know who is calling

The automatic reverse search for phone numbers that are not stored in your address book is very practical. With an active Internet connection, Google can quickly check whether the respective phone number is known via its own search and shows the name found for it on the display.

In the US, Google even offers a system that can inform the caller why the call is taking place. This can be, for example, a service call from a company from which you purchase a product. If you have not been informed of all of this, the telephone app at least informs you about the place of origin of the number. By the way. The phone app reads the caller ID out loud when a call comes in. So you know who wants to call you now without looking at the display.

Protection against spam, block callers

Because Google knows so much, they also have reasonable spam protection in the phone app. In addition, the user can block unloved phone numbers and thus prevent further calls. The system can also be improved by users reporting spam themselves.

Call Screen: The high-tech answering machine with Google Assistant

Do you want to know who is behind the unknown number and why, without having to answer the phone yourself? There is the Call Screen, which is now also available in Germany. Here Google Assistant is talking to the caller. You can read what the caller is saying on the display. You can respond with predefined answers or still take the phone call.

Hold for me and automatic bookings

Google Assistant also plays a role in these features, which are currently only available in the US. “Hold for me” stays on for you with hotline calls. Only when a person speaks at the other end does the function inform you and get you on the phone. A great relief.

Even more blatant is Google Assistant’s automatic reservation. You can tell the Assistant to book a restaurant visit for a certain period of time. The Assistant does this automatically. The voice assistant does the work for you of having to call yourself and maybe even repeating it several times.

Visualizes mailbox and call recording

There are other functions that we do not have. This includes the visualized mailbox. Here voice messages from the mailbox can be shown in text form on the display so that you do not have to listen to them. These messages can also be saved and read again at any time.

Recording calls is just as practical and US-only. Of course, the other participants in the call are informed about the user’s intentions. So these are not secret records. Google even makes it possible for calls from other numbers to be automatically recorded.

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