Google is finally bringing the weather app, including the weatherman, to Android tablets

Google completely ignored the tablet sector for many years, but a lot has changed with Android 12. That was the first step into a new future. The Pixel Tablet is coming next year and Google is currently updating its own Android apps for tablets. Fans of the weather app from Google can now benefit from this.

Weather results could of course be retrieved via Google search, but the full weather app is much more comprehensive. The full weather experience is now also available on Android tablets, and of course, this includes the famous weatherman. However, not yet fully adapted to tablets.

The weather part of the Google app is now available on Android tablets but is not fully adapted yet

There is a fully-fledged weather app with all the information on the big screen, but so far only in portrait format. This is weird, because Google has already brought the weatherman to the Nest Hubs in landscape mode, for example.

So there is still an update open to visually adapt the weather app for Android tablets. It probably makes sense to install the latest Google app and this could also make the weather app available. If not, be patient for a few more days.

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