Wearable eSIM service landed in Macau, the first batch to support some models of Apple Watch

According to Macau Daily, after the mobile phone eSIM service was first launched last year, Macau officially launched the wearable eSIM service today. The first phase supports a series of Apple Watch models, and the Samsung smartwatch eSIM service will be launched later.

eSIM is an embedded SIM, which is directly embedded in the terminal unlike traditional SIM cards that need to be plugged and unplugged. The one-number multi-terminal technology applied this time allows multiple terminals to share the same number of operator services.

The service will allow the user’s mobile phone number to be bound with wearable devices such as Apple Watch, and display the same mobile phone number as the mobile phone when calling or being called, enabling the independent use of the Apple Watch.

Taking the Apple Watch as an example, the user can activate the service directly when activating the cellular version of the Apple Watch, or in the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, tap “My Watch – Cellular Network – Set Up Cellular Network”, and Follow the operator prompts to set up.

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