Tesla is increasing the prices for some model versions in Germany

The car manufacturer Tesla increased the prices for some versions in Germany at the end of the week. Model 3 and Model Y are affected, as TeslaMag reports. The Model 3 has remained the same price in the basic configuration, but the other two versions have become more expensive.

The basic version of the Tesla Model 3 still costs 49,990 euros. The Long Range (LR) version now costs 2,500 euros more – than 59,490 euros. The Tesla Model 3 Performance was 1,500 euros more expensive and is now at 63,490 euros.

The Model Y in the Long Rage variant still costs 56,990 euros, but the performance version is now available here at 65,490 euros instead of the previous 63,990 euros. So it’s 1,500 euros more here.

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