Details on Google’s plans for gaming Chromebooks

Google would also like to offer gaming devices in the Chromebook world and has already done a lot in the background. This includes support for RGB hardware, which of course primarily includes RGB keyboards. Devices can also be marked by manufacturers as “Cloud Gaming Devices”, which makes ChromeOS look a little different for the user.

Then the respective Chromebook is primarily designed for games. This means cloud offerings like GeForce Now are “preinstalled” right out of the box. The Nvidia offer should even be found directly in the start bar and is therefore placed very prominently. There is also comparable quick access to Stadia from Google.

Explore app optionally geared towards games

These gaming Chromebooks are clearly focused on gaming from the moment they are set up. Google is introducing new graphics for this and mentions games particularly frequently in its texts, as 9to5Google was able to find out.

“After setup, open the Explore app to start playing. Access hundreds of the latest games, browse game deals, and experience an immersive gaming experience.”

Chromebooks have a clear advantage in cloud gaming

Steam is currently in a test phase for Chromebooks, but the local gaming platform only works on devices with plenty of power and current hardware. The cloud services from Google, Nvidia and Co. have a clear advantage here, since the video streams do not require particularly powerful hardware and even work directly on television sets.

Niche, also because Google has given up

Cloud gaming is still only a niche and there are several reasons for that. In any case, it didn’t help that Google has long since distanced itself from its own Stadia and has significantly reduced investments in the project. Probably the decisive reason why Stadia is not placed alone on gaming Chromebooks and why Nvidia is brought in.

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