Cyberpunk 2077: A MOD enables and FSR 2.0 and improves performance on PC

FidelityFX Resolution 2.0, the new upscaling technology with which AMD has begun to ruthlessly compete with NVIDIA’s acclaimed DLSS, has been available for just over a month and has so far been used on a limited number of PC video games.

Cyberpunk 2077 is not part of this circle of titles, however, a modder has managed to implement FSR 2.0 in a “homemade” way, thus providing an alternative for those who do not have an NVIDIA RTX series video card. The results obtained so far by the modder are surprising and have actually managed to significantly increase the fps in-game.

As PotatoofDoom, author of the mod explains, you simply need to remove the DLSS-related dynamic link library (.dll) files that Cyberpunk 2077 and replace them with the new ones that translate the DLSS commands to FSR 2.0. Although the mod is still in the works, PotatoOfDoom says the results are already impressive: on a GTX 1080, the modder claims Cyberpunk 2077 hits 45fps in 4K upscaled, roughly double the framerate it achieved using the game’s built-in DLSS features.

Even the players who tried the mod had encouraging results: with a GTX 970 at ultra settings, it was possible to reach 30fps at 1080p, net of some graphical problems while driving. Another user claims that using an AMD 5700XT it went from 50 to 86 fps on ultra settings (with shadows reduced to Medium). The mod was originally conceived for the Steam version of Cyberpunk 2077, but it appears that a recent update has made it work with the GOG version as well. If you are curious to try the mod, you can download it from this address.

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