Google Pixel Tablet: Camera details

Thanks to a new version of the Google camera, the first details about the camera of the Google Pixel Tablet are already appearing. According to the latest report, however, we should wait and see to what extent these details are set in stone.

Because the tablet will not appear until 2023 and therefore in six or seven months at the earliest. A lot can change before then and the first software integrations do not have to be final by a long shot. What doesn’t surprise us, however, is that Google will remove a few camera features from the Pixel Tablet. The focus of a tablet of this kind is not the camera.

Google Pixel Tablet is not equipped with particularly up-to-date camera hardware

There is only one main camera on the back of the Google Pixel Tablet. And we’d bet it’s probably the same 12MP camera that Google used exclusively up until the Pixel 5. It’s still good enough and takes really good pictures thanks to the powerful Google software. In order not to drive up the price of the tablet, this tried-and-tested camera would be a sensible choice in my opinion.

Google Pixel Tablet will have the fewest new camera features

But it also means that some features are not available. If you can believe the software today, 4K recordings should not be possible at all. In addition, some recent features will not be found, including slow-motion videos, audio zoom or even the newer motion photos such as “Action Photo” and “Long Exposure”. That wouldn’t surprise us any further and wouldn’t be a disappointment in my opinion.

The front camera for video telephony is more important to our eyes. Hopefully, Google doesn’t make a mistake here and just installs some lousy cheap sensor. Unfortunately, Google can also be trusted to do that. We will only find out in the coming months, Google only gave 2023 as the date for the Pixel Tablet and not even a month.

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