Google’s new operating system is coming soon, will there be another Android 13L?

The final release of Android 13 is still a few weeks away, but Google has long been working on a new version that will succeed it. While Android 12 has received a fairly independent offshoot, Android 13 will probably look different. We’ve been wondering for a long time whether there will be an Android 13.1 or an Android 13L and now we know the answer.

Android 12 had hardly been released when Google surprisingly announced the first Android 12L Developer Preview. Not only was that unexpected, but it was also extremely early, and arguably meant to mask Android 12’s tablet and foldable failings. One can discuss whether this release was really necessary because there were no suitable devices for this intermediate operating system. Therefore, one has to ask oneself whether the whole thing will be repeated with Android 13.

There will almost certainly be no Android 13L and no Android 13.1 either. This is already known because every larger Android version has its own API level that does not know any intermediate versions. There is already information about Android 14, which has API level 34, while Android 13 is on the way to API level 33. With this we know that there will be no further version between Android 13 and Android 14.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the API level for Android 14 will be raised or that Android 13 will be provided with other major updates, but as of today, no Android 13L is planned.

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