Apple CarPlay will support direct fuel purchases in the system this fall

Starting this fall, drivers will be able to pre-authorize fuel purchases directly in Apple CarPlay. The feature, first mentioned at the WWDC developer conference earlier this month, will allow CarPlay users to use the app to navigate to gas stations and pre-authorize fuel purchases. The oil company will offer a separate app that users will need to install on their iPhone in order to use it in Apple CarPlay.

Entering payment credentials in the iPhone app ahead of time will enable users to activate a fuel pump and quickly buy fuel directly from the CarPlay user interface. Petrol company HF Sinclair said it plans to adopt the new CarPlay feature.

“We’re excited about the idea that consumers can navigate to a Sinclair gas station and buy fuel from their car’s navigation screen,” said Jack Barger, the company’s senior vice president of marketing. Likewise, P97 Networks CEO Donald – Frieden told Reuters he had received calls from oil companies wanting to use their apps in CarPlay.

Over time, Apple has opened up more app categories to CarPlay, such as parking, charging electric vehicles, and ordering meals. A driving task app for recording business trip miles will also be available later this year alongside a fuel purchase app.

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