Google Pixel 7: Good news for the display, camera, finger sensor

In June there were a few fewer leaks and still very interesting information about the new Pixel 7 smartphones. Google has already unveiled the new smartphones with a design and announced them for the fall, but they didn’t want to talk about technical details in May.

Since then, a few details that Google doesn’t want to and can’t keep secret have leaked out in sips. This includes, for example, a better front camera in the Google Pixel 7 compared to the regular Pixel 6.

The front camera does more

It is now known through an update of the Google camera that the regular Pixel 7 with the front camera can record videos in 4K at 60 frames per second. The Pixel 6 was not granted that, only the Pixel 6 Pro. It could be a key clue that both Pixel 7 models use the same technology for the front camera. Which would also speak for support for Face Unlock in both devices.

The Pixel 7 Pro’s display is brighter

Devices that came to light early on revealed the panel for the OLED display built into the Pixel 7 Pro. It’s said to be a slightly better panel, offering more brightness than the Pixel 6 Pro. With full brightness at least 600 instead of 500 nits. In the mode for particularly high brightness, there are even 1000 instead of 800 nits.

Not a big leap in the processor?

Google announced a new generation of Tensor for the Pixel 7 smartphones without revealing any innovations or changes. So far, the information has been accumulating that there shouldn’t be any big miracles in the area of ​​the processor cores.

But the manufacturing process is said to be different, which is now based on 4 and not 5 nm. That could mean more power and efficiency. A new type of production should also be able to reduce costs. Samsung is still the supplier of the Tensor SoC for Google.

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