Google Pixel update “now playing” feature for android 12+ device

What are now playing features: 

The “Now Playing” feature is one of Pixel’s best features. it uses the same technology as “Hey Google her hotword detection includes listening to specific words that are chosen to detect and recognize music around you but they don’t have any need to do anything.

Now Playing feature automatically recognizes and shows you the title and artist of that mystery song on the lock screen. It also keeps track of those songs so you can access them later. in short, you must manually enable this feature first.

If your phone was locked then in this situation Now Playing feature helps you to unlock it, click the notification option. if you’re using your phone, expand notifications at the top, then tap the song notification.
If we get back to remembering the features of pixel 2 since this has been an exclusive pixel feature. We reach out to the competition then no other phones are released or manufactured to competitive pixel 2 and these updated” Now Playing” features.

Get Now Play on your Samsung device Open your phone’s Settings app. tap sound & vibration Now Playing. Turn on Identify songs playing nearby. Make sure that your phone is charged and connected to Wi-Fi.

Now Playing feature developer Kieron Quinn managed to port the Now Playing to any un-rooted Android 12+ device with the help of his own app Ambient Music Mod.

API: Now let’s get back to the point of “API” we would like to thank Shizuku which is able to access normally all the hidden APIs from the system with the help of Shizuku we can access ambient music mode.

Here we discuss one more API the name was CAPTURE_AUDIO_HOTWORD API   they record audio and process it offline for security purposes then set time intervals and process the audio offline to match the fingerprint song which will be stored in the database of the device.

Now Playing does the same thing but before setting the time interval Pixel can find when the music starts or stops recognized and detect in these new features.

If you have experience with the last Ambient Music Mod then in this you have to find and detect that it also looks similar to Now Playing your currently playing song switch on the screen lock screen and for recognization as a reminder send a notification.

Now Playing history is also available where you can search all the tunes you have recognized and favorite them. just like the Pixel, this feature is also completely offline for security this is the best just because they won’t upload any kind of information like recording on the internet.

Privacy concern:  Come to the point about privacy if you have any concerns about privacy then this is entirely open source so it is easy to use u can check if you have any security or privacy-related issues. we want to say u can use this app it’s safe rather than other apps.

We have already seen the tested result of the Ambient Music Mod on different devices like- OnePlus, Xiaomi, Honor, and Samsung and it has worked on every device. It also worked across all the  SoC and manufacturers as well as chip speeds. if your phone is based on Android 12,  then it should be able to run an ambient music mod to get Now Playing.




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