Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Comprehensive review

Google announced about Google Pixel 6 on 19th of October 2021 and released 2021 on October 28. Google uses the Tensor chipset(5 nm), Pixel 6 comes with a flat 6.4-inch Full HD+ panel with a 90Hz refresh rate but if we come to the Pixel6 pro then the screen of the Pixel 6 Pro comes in at 6.7 inches, it has a Quad HD+ resolution,120Hz refresh rate and is curved on the sides. Google Pixel6 is powered by octa-core (2.8 GHz). Google Pixel6 is based on Android 12.

Google Pixel6 and Pixel6 pro 5G supported?

  • The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro support 5G and also support the C-Band 5G, One more thing is that Google Pixel6 supports wireless charging as well as fast charging,
  • Now talking about functionality and camera quality the Google Pixel6 has come with rear packs with a dual camera featuring a setup that will be 50 megapixels.
  • Google pixel6 also supported the dual sim same as other devices. Google

Color options

Pixel6 was launched in Kinda Coral, Sorta Seafoam, and Stormy Black colors. Pixel6 has water protection. in Google Pixel6 connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 GPS, Bluetooth v5.20,  USB Type-C, 3G, 4G, and 5G with active 4G on both sim cards.

In Pixel 6 pro, sensors include an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, compass/ magnetometer, gyroscope, display fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor, and fingerprint sensor also included in Pixel6 pro. video recording quality in Pixel6 will be 1920×1080 @ 30 fps while in Pixel6 pro recording quality will be available 3840×2160 @ 30 fps A camera will be 50 MP(megapixel).

Huge difference in battery in Pixel6 4614 mAh and in Pixel6 pro 5100 mAh.128 GB of internal memory is also available on both devices no expandable memory is present on both devices.

What is the difference between Google pixel6 and pixel6 pro: differences in the display like pixel 6 have a 6.4-inch display while Google Pixel6 pro has a 6.7-inch display and the refresh rate in Pixel6  FHD+ (1080 x 2340) while the 6 Pro has a QHD+ (1440 x 3120) resolution and an even faster 120Hz variable refresh rate.

While both share the same primary and ultra-wide angle cameras, only the larger Pixel 6 Pro has telephoto camera functionality for improved zooming performance.

The 6 Pro also has a better, higher-resolution, wider-angle selfie camera, so you can add more people to shots.

If we go to a technical specification like hardware chipset processor let’s explore more about Pixel6 and Pixel6 pro:

  • Performances will be excellent on both devices.
  • If we go on CPU then both can be based on the same octa-core(2.8GHz, Dual-core, Cortex X1 + 2.25 GHz, Dual-core, Cortex A76 + 1.8 GHz, Quad-core, Cortex A55)both are the same.
  • Titan M2 co-processor will be used in both mobiles.
  • Both phones use the same Graphics architecture and fabrication.
  • In Google, the Pixel6 pro has 8GB of RAM and the Pixel6 pro 12GB of RAM.
  • The major difference will be display type screen resolution and weight.

Android 12 and its exclusive features:  Latest OS from Google running on a previous-gen Pixel, here new pixel6 update is Google the Pixel 6 has some exclusive features enabled by the custom Tensor chipset that adds some extra word functionality like – voice typing, live translate, and calling assist.

It was always possible to input text using our voice using Gboard, but the Tensor chip rolled out with assistant voice typing: a far better way to type using your voice. and the best thing is that this will work without an internet connection since the language model is on-device and processes language near-record.

The most important point is that: “As the use of software applications on mobile phones becomes more critical, they run on multiple parts of the chips. this is complex computing.” Google’s aim with the Tensor chip is that all the components inside work together flexibly, rather than evaluate for peak speed.

Key points:

  • Make the fingerprint sensor more reliable.
  • Back tap to take a screenshot.
  • One-handed mode.
  • Allow home screen rotation.
  •  Reverse wireless charging.
  • Quickly get to Google Pay from the Lock Screen.
  • Adjust the keyboard size.
  • And many more exclusive features are available on Google Pixel 6 and Pixel6 pro.

Tips and Tricks for pixel6 phone

Now playing option

The easiest way to track down and activate Now Playing which is available in your Settings menu. open the search bar and type “now playing.” you should be able to tap on the first result to open and toggle on the setting option.

So here you may have already activated the Now Playing it is one of the options on the Google Pixel 6 initial setup menu, but if you didn’t, it’s definitely worth tracking the feature down.

One-Handed Mode

Turn on the one-handed mode on your phone and then click on the double-tap after that go back for notifications. I can find one useful thing for me to set up bedtime mode to turn off the always-on display at night and set my phone on DND.

Voice Snooze and Stop

You can also snooze your mobile or stop alarms by simply saying “snooze” or “stop” for doing this you don’t need to touch your phone, this is also applied to timers and answering/declining calls.

For example, when we can use In chrome browser to swipe left/right on the address bar to switch between tabs, in the case of Gboard you can swipe on the spacebar to move the cursor between letters and swipe from right to left using backspace to delete entire words.

Quick Setting

If we move into Gmail or any other Google apps where we have multiple accounts, then we can swipe up or scroll down in our account in the right corner to switch to another account.

That’s very useful at night, it should be in quick settings and if it’s not there you can click the edit button for the add-on.

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