Battlefield: EA hires developers to work on a single player campaign

EA is hiring developers to join its new Seattle studio to work on a future Battlefield single-player campaign. According to the job announcement, the studio is looking to build “rich and exciting stories with memorable characters and powerful experiences in the Battlefield universe.”

The announcement, indicating the need for a Design Director for the single-player portion of the series, requires the hired person to “manage mission design, storytelling, game mechanics and systems to create the highest quality experience. possible”.

This suggests that future Battlefield series titles, on which EA would be in the early stages of development, could again feature a full single-player campaign. EA’s new studio, created last year, already boasts as Game Director Marcus Lehto, who co-created the Halo franchise at Bungie and served as both Art Director and Creative Director.

The studio is EA’s second in the area, alongside another new studio formed by former Monolith Productions head Kevin Stephens.

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