Donkey Kong: Nintendo renews the brand and adds new references to downloadable games

Nintendo has filed a “new” brand for the Donkey Kong series. This brand appears to be a bit different from the usual ones: instead of another standard renewal, it appears to have been updated to mention “downloadable programs for portable and electronic consoles”.

While these terms promptly suggest that Nintendo is ready to release a Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch, it should not be forgotten that brand renewals are the norm for large companies and the addition of a few new terms is not enough to turn that into confirmation of a new game.

For some time it has been rumored that Nintendo is ready to propose a new Donkey Kong game for the Nintendo Switch. The character is certainly loved and the hybrid console of the big N has proven to be able to do justice to many IPs of the Japanese company.

But as always for the moment it is only a matter of speculation. In the case of official news, we will not fail to update you.

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