Google does without Android 13L

There was a so-called dot release for Android 12, which has been unusual for the last few years. It should stay that way, there is no Android 13L. With Google, you can find out very early what the plans are for the coming months and years.

So it was known early on that Android 12 should get another release. There was a so-called dot release with Android 8.1, which is why Android 12.1 or 12L was very unusual. In any case, this interim update was initially an exception, as we already know today.

Android operating system: Source code reveals some things very early on

In the Android source code, you can see that Android 14 has already been assigned the next API level. This is basically the version of the developer interfaces that Google updates very regularly alongside the Android version and takes it to a new level. It can already be seen that API level 33 is planned for Android 13 and the subsequent API level 34 for Android 14 (fall 2023).

Android 12 was released last late summer and Android 12.1 in winter. Android 13 will follow this fall or late summer, but no further update in winter. Google will instead improve its Pixel phones with quarterly Pixel Feature Drops. The next major Android update will probably be version 14 again in autumn 2023.

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