Google Photos update: Release pop up UI for quick sharing and library management

Google Photos has got a fresh design, which will make it easier for users to easily access and share photos. As per the report, Google Photos is testing a powerful new feature that helps you enjoy and share your best content, but not everyone has it yet.

As spotted, some users are finding a new pop UI feature appearing in the Google Photos app, this all-new pop UI help user in sharing photos and videos directly from the library.

The new pop-up UI appears when selecting photos or videos from your library. Now, this is quite uncertain that, when would this feature launch in a full fledge mode because presently this is caught in a few devices, but it seems to be a limited rollout or a tested one at this point of time.
As per the source, In revamped UI the options are down at the bottom of the screen, in which “Share,” “Add to,” and “Delete” are shown as a primary options. And the list will be going to continue with options to delete content from the device, order prints, move to the archive, and move to the Locked Folder.

What makes this updated UI especially useful is that it integrates more options without actually clicking through to the image. The new update will make it easier to let users find their most usable options at their fingertips, which brings quick access to the users with which they can directly send shortcuts to specific contacts through the pop-up by swiping further up. There’s also a shortcut to add the picture or video to an album and to see its location. These options appear when selecting multiple photos and videos as usual.

This isn’t the first tweak Google Photos has made changes to its UI in recent times. In April, Google rolled out a complete redesign to the “Library” tab. Previously, Google also announced a big update to the “Sharing” section of the app.

As mentioned above, it is unclear how widely this latest update is rolling out as of now, but it likely requires the latest updated app. Surely we’ll update if any further changes going to roll out in the coming future.

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