Now it’s easy to share wi-fi password between Chromebooks and Android Phones

Google is initiated a lot of attempts to bridge the gap between Chromebooks and Android smartphones to create an environment of its own.

For example, if you can now see photos from your Android phone on your Chromebook with just a click, and that’s great.

You can also view Android notifications on your Chromebook and reply to the messages at a time.

And if you want to connect quickly to the internet on a new Chromebook, you can easily share the Wi-Fi password between your Android phone and Chrome OS device.

So in this update, we carry some steps that help you that how to share the Wi-Fi password between Chromebooks and Android phones.

Now get to the point that what was the step of sharing a Wi-Fi password:

In this article, we have added three ways to share Wi-Fi passwords between Chromebooks and Android smartphones.

One of them has included an upcoming feature, but it will be very helpful when it is launched for all users.

Using phone hub Share Wi-Fi Password Between Chromebooks and Android Phones:

Some steps to share a password which will help you to share your own password:

1)Between your Android phone and Chrome OS laptop Sync your Wi-Fi password, for that at first you need to enable Phone Hub on your Chromebook.

Then Tap on the “phone” icon on the Chrome OS shelf and tap on “Get Started“.

2)Then, from the drop-down menu, select your Android phone and Tap on “Accept and Continue”.

You may have to enter your Google account password to verify the credentials on the next page.

3In this step, some features of the Phone Hub will be unlocked.

Now, tap on the “Phone” icon on the shelf and after that, we will select the “Settings” cog icon.

4) Next, at the bottom go and enable the “Wi-Fi Sync” toggle.

This will help you to sync all the Wi-Fi networks, including their passwords also from your Android phone to the Chromebook.

5)Saved Wi-Fi password:

Now, tap on any of the saved Wi-Fi networks on your Chromebook and there are no requirements of password to connect them.

Between Chromebooks from Your Google Account sync Wi-Fi credentials:

Except for the Phone Hub, in the background, Google also syncs other things, including data, settings, wallpaper  Wi-Fi networks,  and more from other Chrome OS devices.

If you have another Chromebook Wi-Fi password saved,

Then your current device will be synced, and you will not need to type in the password. In this term, you can share the Wi-Fi passwords between various Chromebooks with ease.

How to go about it.

1. First, open the in the bottom-right corner tap on the Quick Settings panel  and then click the “Settings” icon. This will help you to the Settings page in Chrome OS.

2. Next, in the left sidebar switch to “Accounts” and then in the right panel tap on “Sync and Google services”.

3. Then, tap on “Manage what you sync“.

4. On the next page, make sure to enable the “Wi-Fi networks” toggle.

This will sync across all your Chromebook and carry your Wi-Fi password too.

[Upcoming Feature]

Between Chromebook and Android Phone With Nearby Share Wi-Fi password

Now Google is working on a Share feature that will allow you to share Wi-Fi passwords between your Chromebooks and Android phones Nearby.

This new feature has not been released yet, The crowd at 9to5Google has reported that the “Nearby Sharing Receive WiFi Credentials” feature will be hidden under the below Chrome flag.

We will give you an update on this new feature if it becomes available whenever.

But on the basis of the official commitment, this feature will let you know that how to share Wi-Fi information, including the SSID (network name), security type, and Wi-Fi password from your Android smartphone to Chromebook. All of this will be done locally using Bluetooth so you can connect to a Wi-Fi network quickly.

(FAQ) Frequently ask question

How to Share Wi-Fi Password Between Chromebooks and Android Phones?

At first, using Phone Hub you can sync Wi-Fi passwords between Chromebooks and Android Phones, and Google Account sync.

There is an upcoming Nearby Sharing feature that will allow you to share Wi-Fi credentials to your Android phone quickly.

Can I tether my Chromebook to android phones?

You can use your phone’s mobile data to connect your Chromebook to the Internet. Sharing a connection this way is called tethering or using a portable hotspot.
What you need
  • Chrome OS version 71 and up. …
  • Android version 8.1 and up. …
  • A Google Account that you’re signed in to, both on your phone and your Chromebook.

Follow our guide for detailed information.

Quickly Sync Wi-Fi Password Between Chromebooks and Android Phones:

So these three ways to share the Wi-Fi password between Chromebooks and Android phones.

Out of these three, two are currently working on Chrome OS,  things even better using the Nearby Share feature when it releases in the stable channel for all users.

Anyway, If you want to enable the new Chrome OS launcher, head to our detailed guide linked here.

And to turn on automatic clicks in Chromebook, which is a great accessibility feature, go with the help of our article.

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