Apple will release an extreme sports version of the Apple Watch: a bigger screen, a stronger case

Apple plans to use the largest screen to date, a larger battery and a sturdy metal case in its upcoming extreme sports version of the Apple Watch. The extreme sports version of the Apple Watch has a screen size of almost 2 inches diagonally, while the new standard version of the Apple Watch Series 8 will maintain the 1.9-inch diagonal size, which is consistent with the Series 7. The lower-end Apple Watch SE will also stick to the existing size.

The extreme sports version of the Apple Watch will be released along with two other versions later this year, and its screen size will be about 7% larger than the current largest Apple Watch, with a resolution of 410 × 502, and will remain the same as the current model. Same overall sharpness.

Apple could use a larger screen to display more fitness metrics or information at the same time. The company is also adding several new fitness features to watchOS 9, including support for multiple sports and improved intensity tracking during workouts.

Officially launched in 2015, the Apple Watch has now become an important part of Apple’s hardware product line. The product is part of the wearables, home and accessories division, which generated $38.4 billion in revenue last fiscal year, or about 10 percent of Apple’s total revenue. But smartwatches and wearable fitness devices compete fiercely, with Apple Watch rivals including products from Google Fitbit and Samsung.

Compared to the standard Apple Watch, the extreme sports version will be made of stronger metal, not aluminum, and will have a less brittle screen and a larger battery — allowing athletes to run longer, people familiar with the matter said Track athletic performance.

Compared to the standard Series 8, the sturdier smartwatch can use body temperature to tell if a user has a fever, and it can also improve exercise-tracking metrics such as altitude and swimming data while hiking.

All-new Apple Watches will use the S8 processor, which is similar in performance to the S7 processor in the Apple Watch Series 7 and at a similar level to the S6 processor used in the Apple Watch Series 6 released two years ago. This will be the first time Apple has used a processor with the same overall performance across three successive generations of Apple Watches.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment. But the company typically releases a new Apple Watch in September alongside a new iPhone. It is reported that Apple plans to release four new iPhone 14 models this fall, including two Pro models with faster chips and 48-megapixel rear cameras.

The increase in screen size for the extreme sports version of the Apple Watch will be the third time it has done so in the product’s history. The company first increased the screen size with the Series 4 in 2018, and again last year with the Series 7. The extreme sports version’s nearly 2-inch screen would make it one of the largest in a mainstream smartwatch.

It was reported last year that Apple plans to expand the Apple Watch lineup with more rugged versions to compete with Garmin and other manufacturers for extreme sports users. This high-end watch may cost more than the standard $699 stainless steel Apple Watch.

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