The next update for the Google Play Store is coming

Google is currently working on a few corners of the Play Store and is renewing its now almost pure App Store. This time it is again the optical appearance on the collar. Innovations for the Google Play Store are pouring in bit by bit. A few days ago, users reported that they now have the much rounder keys.

Google is thus adapting the Play Store even more to the modern Material You look, which ultimately also has a lot of round shapes. That wasn’t all these days.

Here is a comparison, old on the left and new on the right:

Play Store gets new logo: Google revised colors and shape

The first users noticed that the Google Play Store was also getting a new logo. Google made a similar change to the Chrome logo a few years ago. You don’t change the basic colors, but make them much more intense. There is also no longer a slight color gradient or shine, which also makes the four colored areas appear much stronger.

It is also noticeable that Google is changing the shape a bit. The three corners are now much more rounded and therefore less pointed.

So far, you can only see the new logo in Google Pay if you have made transactions there via the Google Play Store. The American colleagues from 9to5Google don’t see the new logo anywhere else either.

Is Google planning a reboot?

I wonder if Google isn’t planning another big restart for the Play Store in the coming months. By simply presenting all the implemented changes again. This includes the new design in the app and web, but also the removal of films and series and other new functions. In my opinion, the Google Play books can also go out and then we have a pure app store for Android and Chrome OS.

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