What we know about the Google Pixel Watch today

In autumn there will be new smartphones from Google and also a Pixel Watch for the first time. Since our last overview, some information has been added that we know today. Of course, Google doesn’t reveal too much directly yet. However, there are some things that one is not very careful about.

You can also learn a lot about new Google devices through the software, which reveals planned innovations in the source code. This includes, for example, the development of a completely new companion app for the smartphone of Pixel Watch owners.

Pixel Watch Software Feature: Fast Pair and Nearby Unlock

But that was not all in terms of the connection to the phone. Google is already bringing the popular Fast Pair to Wear OS so that new devices can be set up much faster and more conveniently. The Nearby Unlock, which is also new, will make it possible for you to move the smartwatch briefly in the direction of your phone in order to unlock it in this way.

These details are known for this:

  • Use your watch to securely unlock your phone after waking it up.
  • This can be useful for accessing notifications and your digital assistant, or if your face or fingerprint isn’t recognized.
  • Your watch must be unlocked, on your wrist, and close to your phone. After you unlock your watch, it stays unlocked as long as you wear it.

Google is planning a lot of bracelets

I would also have credited Google with launching the Pixel Watch with a bracelet in three colors and that’s it. But there should actually be quite a large selection of materials and designs. Milanese, link bracelet, fabric, leather, silicone and a few other variants are planned. In fact, there should be something for every taste.

Battery life is probably no wonder

Google relies on a rather old processor that has been adapted with at least one new additional chip. But that doesn’t make the Pixel Watch a miracle watch either. The possibly 300 mAh battery should last at least for a whole day. One cannot and should not expect more.

Google boss thinks Pixel Watch is very important

Google is confident that the new hardware categories will be important to the Android ecosystem. On the one hand, there is the very first Pixel Watch and with the Pixel Tablet, there is also the tablet comeback in 2023. In fact, at least the Wear OS watch is entering the race with high expectations from the fan community.

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