Windows 11/10 Edge Beta browser 104 released

Microsoft has released the Edge browser 104 updates for Windows 11, Windows 10, etc. to the Beta channel. This release can be used for final testing before a stable release. Edge Beta 104 doesn’t bring many new features. According to the official release notes, Edge Beta 104 only introduces new strategies for enterprise consumers.

New in Edge 104.0.1293.14:

New strategy:

  • AllowedDomainsForApps – defines the domains that are allowed to access Google Workspace
  • AskBeforeCloseEnabled – Get user confirmation before closing a browser window with multiple tabs
  • BrowserCodeIntegritySetting – Configure browser process code integrity protection settings
  • DoubleClickCloseTabEnabled – Enables double click functionality in Microsoft Edge (available in China only)
  • ImportOnEachLaunch – Allows importing data from other browsers every time Microsoft Edge starts
  • QuickSearchShowMiniMenu – Enable Microsoft Edge MiniMenu
  • PasswordManagerRestrictLengthEnabled – Restricts the length of passwords that can be saved in the password manager
  • PDFXFAEnabled – Enable XFA support in native PDF readers
  • TextPredictionEnabled – Text prediction enabled by default

Outdated strategy:

  • U2fSecurityKeyApiEnabled – Allows the use of the deprecated U2F Security Key API

Microsoft Edge Beta is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. Microsoft plans to release the stable version of Edge 104 the week of August 4th.

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