Apple Watch will get a new battery mode with watchOS 9

Before watchOS 9 was announced, a new “Low Power Mode” was doing the rounds on the web, but it wasn’t announced by Apple. According to Mark Gurman, however, this is still in the planning stage and should come in the fall.

It is currently the case that you can put the Apple Watch in a battery-saving mode, which is limited to the time. There is only a simple display of the time and with the new function, apps should also be able to continue running.

Developers will of course have to adapt their apps for this and it is conceivable that this function is intended for the Apple Watch Series 7 and newer. It may also become an exclusive feature for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

That would explain why we didn’t see the feature.

Apple has learned over the past few years that too many features from WWDC didn’t make it into the final version, across iOS, watchOS, iPadOS, and more. So I could well imagine that we will see more announcements after the WWDC in the future and that we will first see if everything works out in terms of time.

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